Hat Care

Fur Felts

Cleaning: A kettle is ideal for this purpose Creases can be easily removed through direct contact with steam. Similarly slight blemishes can be eased away with both steam as well as the aid of a hat brush, or failing that a soft clothes brush.

Size: Fur felts do not tend to shrink, unless they get very wet. In the event that the hat requires enlarging the hat may be sent to any reputable hatter, who will place the hat on a stretcher until it reaches the required size.

Shape: If you are unhappy with the shape of your hat, you will find that some hatters/milliners, offer a reblocking service


Panamas should be handled with care to ensure maximum wear.

You should avoid storing your hat in direct heat and sunlight as excessive heat will remove all moisture from the fibres, causing your hat to crack. The current negative trend is to place your Panama in the back of the car. This is the worst place for a Panama, find an alternative place if you wish your hat to last for more than one season.

Never pick your hat up by the crown, try and pick it up by the brim where possible as pinching of the crown will result in it cracking.

Ensure the hat has sufficient moisture to prevent any unnecessary cracking occurring by spraying the hat periodically with water. A plant mister is an excellent tool for this purpose.

To clean any dirt marks, use baby wipes, rubbing gently. Do not over moisten

Folding Panamas

For travelling, these can be gently folded along the ridge and stored in an oval tube. Avoid storage rolled up for lengthy periods as this may damage the hat.


Tweed caps may be sent to a specialist dry cleaner for cleaning. Dry cleaning is not recommended for tweed hats, as this will cause the hat to lose its shape.

Remember hats are often works of art and should be cared for as such. Like anything in life, the more care shown, the greater and longer the reward.

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